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Sensual + Relaxing + Sleepy

This comforting yet sophisticated aromatic blend is like heaven for your senses. These hand crafted wellness products made in this Sweet Dreams line will gently relax and ground your energy with ease.  Lavender calms and grounds the body and Vanilla heightens the senses with its sensual aroma. This popular blend will have you relaxed in minutes after use.  Did you know Lavender vibrates at an emotional and spiritual frequency of 118 MHz while the human body has a frequency of 62-72 MHz. It's the plant medicine for Dreamers and Asral Travelers alike.  Lavender also helps to heal cuts, burns and is known for its tissue regenerating properties.  Vanilla helps curb hunger, so it is so perfect for nighttime when that sweet tooth kicks in!

This collection is infused with Reiki Love, and Amethyst Quartz for its dreamy and mind calming effect, is perfect for this relaxing bedtime blend.  This crystal with Lavender together is a powerhouse duo for sending you off to a tranquil dreamland.  Sweet dreams my friend! 

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