The Transdermal Bath Soak Bag

Packed with a generous amount of magnesium in a triple salt blend and stress-releasing botanicals, this bath accessory will help to gently cleanse and soften the skin with it's rich mineral content. These luxurious bath soak bags smell sooooo good and are full of beautiful sustanably sourced botanicals that are bursting with nourishment for the MIND, BODY and SOUL. The best part is you get all the goodness of herbal bathing without the mess! Just tear off the tag, drop in the tub and enjoy the sacred ritual of bathing.

Gift yourself or someone you adore the ultimate aromatic bathing experience with these fun and stylish prints.


Organic Transdermal Bath Soak Bag

These transdermal bath soak bags are all the rage. What started out as Christmas gifts turned into orders for birthday gifts for friends of friends!

We have lots of fun designs, two sizes, three scents availabe now and more of each to come soon! These bath soak bags make great gifts for Birthdays, Valentne's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Graduation, Housewarming, Father's Day, Anniversaries, Weddings, Congratulations, Admin's Day, Get Well, New Mother's and for your favorite Host or Hostess!

They also make a great addition to a bottle of wine, gift or raffle baskets. And if you happen to be a little bit #Extra like me, they make a wondeful selfcare gift. Don't forget to take care YOU. #BeExtra

Custom Essential Oil Blends

Wellness is at the heart of everything I do and I am here to help create a wave of healing that has ripple effect across this world. I believe that there is beautiful magic in nature that's specific to our healing on this planet. When one of us feels better physically and energetically, we all feel a little better.

Nothing makes me happier than helping another person thrive and live their best life with the help of mother nature. If you have a special need for an herbal remedy don't hesiste to reach out. I am happy to work one on one with you and create a blend perfect to suit your specific needs.

The Perfect Party Favor

If you're a trendsetter and would love something unique for your special occassion then these bath soak mini's are just what you've been searching for. I've been to quite a parties and showers and have never seen anything like these sweet gems. Your guests don't have to be a bathing enthusiast to appriciate the incredible smell, as they also make an amazing bathroom, drawer or car freshener.

Let's collaborate to come up with the perfect design to match your theme and reflect your personal style. These mini bath bags are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests for months after your big event!

The Beneifts of Herbal Bathing

Soft Skin + Stress Relief + Soothing Achy Tired Muscles + Better Quality of Sleep + PMS Relief + Immune Health + Ease Inflammation + Calm the
Nervous System + Lift the Spirit + Aid in Physical Recovery + Headache Relief + Reduce Anxiety + Detox the Lymph System + Give an Overall Feeling of Well-Being + Peace + Relaxation + Hormone Balance + Better Digestion + Help with Insomnia

These essential oil blends are amazing and non toxic!!!! I'm also loving the magnesium foot cream for sleep. I noticed better sleep after the 3rd night of use. I've been using it for 2 months now and I will be back for more!

Amber Luman

This deep relief balm is the best non toxic product I have found that doesn't make me smell like medicine. The smell is really pleasant and it packs a powerful punch on my aches. I will be back for more. I love it!

Susie Sturgill

I needed this in my life! I was so happy to discover this natural fragrance that is feminine with a nice spicy kick!

Lisa Scarr